What is steelframe building?

Steelframe building is a construction method in which buildings are made from C-shaped cold formed steel profiles. The steel profiles together form a rigit framework that will be the base for the walls, floors and roof. This type of steelframe building is also known as lightweight steel framing, or LSF/CFS. After the framework is installed the building can be finished simply and quickly.

All profiles of the steelframe construction method are pre-fabricated and are easy to transport and assemble thanks to their light weight. This speeds up the construction process, while creating a reliable construction that will last for years.
The specific dimensions are easy to adjust, so that any construction project can be realized with the steelframe building, like industrial and commercial construction projects and steel framed houses as well.

Steel frame construction method, how does it work?

Before we deliver and assemble the steel frames, the construction project must be engineered and designed, according to the steel frame construction method. After engineering is finished the steel C-shaped cold formed profiles are taken into production. During this step, the frames are sized, labelled and prepared for mounting. When production is finished the parts are transported to the construction site, where they can then easily be mounted. Of course Ruco Steel Framing offers technical support during this process, so that the steel skeleton meets all requirements.

Steelframe building, what are the costs?

The final costs of steelframe building depend on the project for which this construction technique is used. It is true that steelframe building is a relatively cheap construction method. This way you can easily save up to 30% on the construction costs. Are you curious about the possibilities with steelframe building or do you want to know what costs are involved in your project? Please contact us, we are happy to make you a non-binding offer, in which we calculate exactly what steel frame construction will cost for your intended project.

Steel framed homes

It is always possible to build a steel framed home. Although the parts of the house are pre-made in a factory, you can still personalize the design according to your needs. Steelframe building can be used for a variety of residential projects, for building large numbers of steel framed houses as well as luxurious villas.

The prefab steel framework forms the basis of the Steel framed homes, nevertheless it is possible to finish the exterior walls with all kinds of materials. This way you can create a sleek and modern house by building a prefabricated home, but also an attractive traditional house. Whatever style you choose: steelframe building is fast, effective and also cost effective.

Curious what your project will cost with steelframe building?