About Us

With more than 24 years of experience in the field of construction we have gathered a lot of knowledge about steelframe building and prefabrication in general. Unfortunately, we noticed that other parties did not supply high-quality frames, were having long delivery times and possibilities were limited. That is why we decided at Ripstaal Steel Framing to purchase a steelframe building machine ourselves with which we could make and supply better steel frames. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to make a well-thought-out product.

Easy mounting of steel frames

One of our greatest qualities is the supply of steel frames that are easy to assemble. The parts fit together flawlessly, are numbered and also light of weight. This speeds up the construction process considerably, saving you valuable time. In addition, customization is no problem for us. We like to think along and come up with innovative solutions for every project. We are also using our own steel frames for the other branches within our company: Ripstaal Elements and Villa Construction. As a result, we know what quality we supply and we can guarantee that this construction method is not inferior to traditional or timber frame construction methos.

Wondering what your project will cost with Steelframe building?